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Enter The Metaverse

Enter the Metaverse

It’s all around us. Often figuratively, growingly technologically and indeed inevitably. The ‘metaverse’ has caught on the hearts and minds of an entire generation. It offers no different hopes than previous discoveries of new found lands: freedom, financial success and if lucky, fame.

Despite their ambitious nature though, this is not a generation who gets starry eyed about their ever-evolving virtual context. They assume the digital as the norm instead of marvelling at it. Buying land irl is weird — not in Decentraland. Snoop concert? Send link to mint my access and lmk the coordinates on Sandbox.

In the crypto-native NFT crowd, the metaverse is already a household name, and its connotation will become tomorrow’s commercial and cultural compost for new ideas. Just as irl air and drinking water, the digital world is rather noticed only by its absence, not its presence. To navigate this novel three dimensional world wide web will not be easy, and likely, the current decade will be era of building the tools to do so.

Noticing this, we are launching helps you navigate, compare and plan around $LAND prices across many metaverses on Ethereum. There is very little resources on the internet right now to see all $LAND prices together: fixes this.

Through its growing capabilities, landindex lets you navigate, list and compare all metaverse parcel prices by ETH floor prices across all maps. Decentraland, Sandbox, World Wide Webb and many more are listed at

Buying land on the metaverse is the next decade’s technology investment play. Metaverse NFTs on Ethereum are growing in rapid pace and helps you navigate this growing space.

Stay tuned & follow us on our Discord & Twitter:

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